Oilfield Construction

  • Clearing

    Our pad construction team works with our customers to efficiently clear the terrain for the pad itself, as well as all roadbeds needed for support of the site.

  • Leveling

    We understand the importance of a level foundation for the drilling operation. To this end, Blazer uses the latest technology to insure a stable and solid, built to grade pad capable of supporting whatever our customer needs.

  • Soil Cementing

    Blazer was one of the first companys in the Ark-La-Tex to use soil cementing. We have used our experience to lower costs and increase stability of the site and road construction.

  • Rocking

    We understand that rocking a pad is not just dumping aggregate over the ground. The pad's leveling and structural strength can be destroyed if this critical step is ignored. We strive for consistency and uniformity in all aspects of rocking to ensure no surprises for our clients.

  • Pit Construction

    Construction of mud or hydraulic fracturing (fracing) pits is integral to the support services we supply to our clients. Immediate and consistance fluid management keeps rigs running and producing while the pits themselves contain protect from unnecessary enviromental cleanups.

  • Pit Liners

    Blazer can provide oilfield pit liners, frac pit storage pond containment, and secondary containment services that meet and exceed containment requirements for our customers. We offer a variety of flexible membrane products that can solve any problems our clients may encounter.